Our mission is to tailor our customers' research design, implementation, and interpretation to deliver the highest quality results, using our well-validated pre-clinical models of behavior, reliably, on-time, and cost-effectively, while adhering to the highest standard of care for our subjects.


In Vivo Pre-Clinical Research Services

Behavioral Pharma delivers customized in vivo pre-clinical testing services dedicated to behavioral neuroscience research. Located in the biotech hub of San Diego, Behavioral Pharma is a privately-owned contract research organization. Our services include a wide variety of in vivo pre-clinical testing models including: Anxiolytic, Antipsychotic, Cognition, Drug Abuse Liability, Toxicology, Pharmicokinetics, and Analgesia. We are also happy to work with you to validate custom models to meet your preclinical research needs.

What Makes Behavioral Pharma Different?

Your research is as valuable to us as it is to you. From beginning to end, you will have consistent availablility and expertise of the company's scientific team. Throughout the course of testing, we will provide you with updates, data, and customizing of procedures as well as valuable insight based on solid industry knowledge. Our internal team is growing with our client base, so we can be hands-on, with every study and make adaptations as the research requires. This is one of the main advantages Behavioral Pharma has over larger companies that offer similar services. As your project advances, there will always be a Behavioral Pharma accomplished scientist to monitor the progress, give recommendations and review the data. Since 2001, Behavioral Pharma has served the research needs of a large range of clients in academia, neuroscience, and pharmaceuticals sectors from Europe to Asia to the Middle East and right here in the US.